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Commercial Property Seller Stamp Duty

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

"What is seller stamp duty and how does it affect your investment plan?"

Based on current regulation, only commercial property does not have seller stamp duty imposed. This is a major reason why commercial property have a large appeal to property investor as it has much more liquidity than residential and industrial properties.

Currently, residential seller stamp duty is as shown below:

Image source: CEA Website (

Industrial seller stamp duty is as shown below:





1-2 YEAR


2-3 YEAR




Therefore, for investor's point of view, they are able to liquidate their property investment on the next day after legal completion if they receive a satisfactory offer and will not incur any additional cost.

In conclusion, commercial property has attractive returns in the form of rental yield and capital appreciation and much more liquidity as compared to residential and industrial property. Therefore, it is a much much attractive option for property investors!

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