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Factory Converted Dormitory

"Do you know that certain industrial property can be converted to Factory Converted Dormitory to allow your workers to stay and also increase your property value?"

Image Source: Human Resources Online

Based on current authorities regulations, it is possible to convert a portion of your factory into worker dormitory. However, not all industrial properties are eligible.

Based on URA circular number: URA/PB/2016/14-PCUDG released on 16th September 2016, only industrial properties that are not within the listed area are able to convert a portion of their factory to worker dormitory. For more information on these location, please refer to below link from URA.

After confirming the property is eligible to convert to worker dormitory, authorities approval from MOM, URA, SCDF, NEA, PUB and JTC (if land owner is JTC) are required in order to obtain approval. Some of these requirement includes not more than 40% of the factory is converted into ancillary usage (URA), beds can not be double decker and has to be 1m apart, minimum of 6 sqm per worker (MOM) etc. As the requirement from each authority is exhaustive, we will not be covering in details in this blog. However, interested party may submit their particular in below contact form or contact Chester at 8883 8301 to get their free consultation!

Some of the completed converted dormitory which Chester has designed and obtained approvals are:

1) Temporary Worker Dormitory for National Cancer Centre

2) Factory Converted Dormitory at The Splendour

3) Factory Converted Dormitory at City Warehouse

By converting a portion of your factory into dormitory, owner not only is able to save on dormitory expenditure, the value of the property will also significantly increase as future buyers who are interested in placing their workers in their own dormitory are willing to pay a premium for this convenience.

Looking to purchase an industrial property and convert a portion of it to worker dormitory but unsure of their requirements? Contact Chester @ 8883 8301 for your free consultation.


Fill up the contact details form below to find out more!

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