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Car Porch Usage

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

"Looking to maximise your car porch usage?"

Image Source: URA

Based on URA Circular Number: URA/PB/2014/23-DCG, dated 17th November 2014, URA has allowed existing car porch to be used as external balcony. The external balcony shall not be covered except for 1m cantilevered canopy. A maximum 1.8m lightweight louvre screen shall be erected at the boundary with neighbour unit. 1m high tempered laminated glass railing shall be erected on the perimeter of the car porch.

Although planning submission to URA is not required to convert existing car porch roof provided they comply to the requirements specified in Appendix 1 (, submission to BCA is still required for barrier. Construction of the barrier shall also be done by BCA Approved Contractor. It is also recommended to engage a Professional Engineer (Civil & Structure) to check on the loading capacity of the car porch roof to prevent overloading.

Interested in a plot of land/house for rebuilt but unsure if the existing car porch roof can be converted to external balcony? Contact Chester @ 8883 8301 for your free consultation.


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