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Differences between Landed and Strata Landed

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

"Looking to redevelop a landed house? Should you purchase a landed house or strata landed house for redevelopment?"

Image Source: URA

A strata landed housing comprises strata-titled landed housing units occupying a common development site with shared communal facilities and a single vehicular access point while a landed housing does not have any shared communal facilities and private vehicular access point.

Hence, for strata landed house, there are share values allocated based on strata area of the unit. There will also be a fixed maintenance fee collected every month based on share values which will be collected and managed by Management Corporation Strata Titles (MCST). However, for landed house, the maintenance fee is not fixed and it depends solely on the owner's discretion.

As there is shared communal area for strata landed houses, this area are considered to be shared between all owners. Hence, the allowable Gross Floor Area (GFA) is also shared between all owners. Due to this reason, any increase in GFA requires an Annual General Meeting to be called and obtain more than 90% resolution to proceed. MCST must alo approve the proposal before calling for the Annual General Meeting for resolution. Therefore, it is very difficult to have new development or redevelopment for Strata Landed House.

In conclusion, even though strata landed house are usually cheaper than landed house, buyer should be aware that there are limitations for strata landed house which includes restrictions on redevelopment and alteration.

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