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Envelope Control

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

"One of the most important factor to consider before purchasing a house for redevelopment"

Image Source: URA

When thinking of purchasing a land or house for redevelopment, it is crucial to understand envelope control. Envelope control will determine the usage intensity for redevelopment and hence, the valuation of the land price.

Landed houses built up area and building height are controlled by envelope control instead of plot ratio which other developments have to comply. Envelope control limits the maximum height and number of storeys of a new landed house. Landed houses are divided into 2-storeys and 3-storeys envelope control depending on the neighborhood. If we assume the same location, amenities etc., a land with 3-storeys envelope control is definitely more valuable than a land with 2-storeys envelope control as the owner of a land with 3-storeys envelope control not only has the flexibility to have a higher built up area, it is also able to build higher and have higher clear ceiling height!

2-storeys Envelope Control

Image Source: URA

For a 2-storeys envelope control, a maximum height of 8.5m is allowed excluding the attic. A maximum height of 3.5m is allowed for the attic. However, the attic requires a 45 degrees pitch line from the setback line which does not allow any structure to be built above this line. Hence, it is very common to see most landed houses have unsheltered balcony at the front and back of their highest floor.

3-storeys Envelope Control

Image Source: URA

Similar to 2-storeys control, the attic is set at maximum height of 3.5m and requires to comply with the pitch line as explained above. However, instead of 8.5m, the building is able to be built up to 12m below the attic level. Hence, if the owner only wish to have 2-storeys, they are able to achieve a floor to floor height of 6m to achieve the luxurious high ceiling look.

Building 3 Storeys in 2-Storeys Envelope Control

“Love your 2-Storeys envelope control neighborhood but you require 3 storeys to satisfy your number of bedroom requirements”

One of the solution is to build basement for the new development. However, basement construction is costly and living in basement is not exactly pleasing.

Alternatively, a mezzanine (partial or full) can be constructed in between Level 1 and Level 2 to provide the additional bedrooms requirement. However, this will make the clear ceiling height much lower and definitely not recommended for claustrophobic individuals.

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