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Landed House Under Conservation

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

"Looking to purchase a Bungalow under Conservation to stand out from the rest? Learn about what must be conserved and what can be demolished to rebuild!"

Image Source: URA

In an effort to protect Singapore's history and heritage, buildings with significant history are earmarked for conservation. The conservation includes landed houses as well. The conserved bungalows are usually separated into Main Building and Outhouse. The owner may consider the following options:

(a) To conserve the entire bungalow including the outhouse.


(b) To conserve only the main building. If there is vacant land to the rear or sides, new extensions can be added subject to Development Control guidelines, the allowable building height of the area, and the requirements of relevant technical departments.

In conserving a bungalow, the key elements to be respected are as follows:

(a) Roofs

(b) Structural Members (timber beams, decking etc.)

(c) The Facades of the Building

(d) Doors and Windows

(e) Significant Interior Features Including Staircases, Decorative Mouldings, Double Volume Spaces, etc

For those who have been to a conserved bungalow or shophouse, it is common to see that the beam and flooring are usually made of timber. The beams and flooring are not to be demolished based on conservation guidelines. Hence, aspiring homeowner of conserved bungalows should take note that the timber flooring may not support a very high load and it has higher maintenance cost as it is more susceptible to damages from humidity and termites. It is also required to engage a Professional Engineer (C&S) to conduct Periodic Visual Inspection every 5 years to ensure the integrity of the building is not compromised.

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