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Open Space Provision

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

"Open Space is to be vested in the State. What exactly is Open Space?"

Image Source: NParks

In order for Open Space Provision to be applicable, it is subjected to following conditions:

  • a minimum plot area for open space of 1,000m²

  • it should be of regular shape with a width of at least 30.0m

  • it should not be fragmented by a road, canal or other infrastructure

  • it should be free from encumbrances above and below the ground level

  • the open space plot is to be vested in the State

Based on current NParks' regulation, for every 56 square metres, 4.05 square metres shall be used for Open Space Provision. It should also comply to the following:

  1. The open space shall be located such that at least 2 sides face the front of a house(s), and none face the rear of a house(s).

  2. The walking distance from the furthest unit to the proposed open space, measured along the road centre, should not be more than 250m

  3. should not abut a major road

  4. should not abut an existing/proposed retaining wall

  5. If the proposed development is adjacent to a proposed or existing Park Connector, the open space is to abut the Park Connector provided that the Park Connector does not abut a major road and it still complies with the walking distance of not more than 250m as stated in Point 2.

Although Open Space provision does not affect every landed house, it is still crucial to check that if it is applicable to the land/unit which you wish to redevelop before making the purchase. The provision will take up more than 7.2% of the land!

Interested in a plot of land/house for rebuilt but unsure if it is affected by Open Space Provision? Contact Chester @ 8883 8301 for your free consultation.


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