Road Reserve

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

"Government has the right to acquire a portion of your land if it falls within Road Reserve!"

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Road reserves indicate the extent of the existing or future road and its related facilities such as footpaths, cycling paths, bus-bays, covered linkways and other commuter facilities. Road reserves can be safeguarded for:

  • widening or extending existing roads; and

  • constructing future roads, e.g. expressways, arterial roads, road interchanges, traffic junctions, etc.

LTA reserves the right to acquire the land demarcated in road reserve in order for road work or road widening work to be executed.

Hence, there may be a chance that you may be purchasing a land that may require a part of the land to be vested back to the state. Furthermore, as the land is earmarked for road development, no structures above ground shall be constructed within the road reserve even though road widening or road works have not commenced.

In a scenario when there is an existing structure within the Road Reserve, it is recommended for owner not to redevelop or proceed with Addition and Alteration (A&A) for the development as the existing structure within road reserve will have to be removed which reduces the built up area.

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