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Sewer Within Land Plot

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

"Although it is relatively common to find public sewer within a land plot, the position of the sewer plays an important factor in determining the value of the land"

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It is relatively common to find sewer line and manhole within a plot of land. However, the position of the manhole and sewer line is extremely important. Although, a building can be built over sewer pipes, a sewer trench is required. Depending on the length and depth of the sewer trench, the cost of the sewer trench is usually more than 30k SGD. Furthermore, the sewer trench has to have removeable panels and cannot be tiled over. Imagine having a concrete removeable panel running across your luxurious living room. Similarly for manhole, it is not able to be tiled over and will be an eye sore if it is within the living room.

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