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Home-School Distance Calculation 2022

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

"Are you aware that there is a change in Home-School Distance Calculation in 2022 Primary 1 Registration Exercise?"

Image Source: Ministry of Education (

Announced on 9th September, there is a revision on home-school distance calculation (HSD). Instead of taking a single reference point in school, the reference point is instead set on the School Land Boundary (SLB). This means that more residentials units are now covered within the 1km - 2km distance for most schools! However, there are 3 schools which will have small number of registrants who will be shifted to a further HSD category. The 3 schools are Cedar Primary School, Maris Stella High School (primary section) and Marymount Convent School.

What this means for home buyers who are looking for units within the 1km and 2km radius are now open to more units in the market after this revision. Home owners who previously stayed outside of the 1km and 2km radius may command a higher selling price due to this revision!

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