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Setback Lines for Landed Developments

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

"The factor which determines the outline and extents of your redeveloped landed house"

Non-Good Class Bungalow (GCB) Area Landed Houses

Image Source: URA

All developments in Singapore are required to comply to setback requirements. Setback lines is defined as the minimum distance between the land's boundary line to the respective building line. For non-GCB areas, the side and rear setback requirements are 2 meters while the road buffer depends on the category of road abutting to the unit. Hence, it is crucial to understand the category of road abutting to the unit before purchasing any land/house for development as the setback line will constraint the extent you are able to utilize your land for development.

GCB Area Landed Houses

Similar to Non-GCB Area, the road buffer depends on the category of road abutting the development. However, the side and rear setback line are 3m instead of 2m.

Definition of Road Category

The below are the definitions of road category extracted from LTA.

• Category 1:

Expressway forms the primary network where all long distance traffic movements should be directed. It is planned to optimise long distance mobility from one part of the island to another.

• Category 2:

Major Arterial predominantly carries through traffic from one region to another, forming principle avenues of communication for urban traffic movements. It interconnects expressways and minor arterial as well as with other major arterial roads.

• Category 3:

Minor Arterial distributes traffic within the major residential and industrial areas. It is planned to optimise circulation within the area and facilitate through traffic between adjacent towns.

• Category 4:

Primary Access forms the link between local accesses and arterial roads. It provides access to developments and through traffic is discouraged. However, where a development is also accessible by a local access road, the access shall be located at the local access road.

• Category 5:

Local Access gives direct access to buildings and other developments and should connect only with primary access.

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